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The Complete Guide ​to Blooket: ​How to Sign ​Up and ​Login


Blooket ​is an ​engaging educational platform ​that allows ​teachers and students ​to create, ​play, and share ​interactive games ​to enhance learning. ​Whether you’re ​an educator looking ​to make ​your lessons more ​exciting or ​a student eager ​to participate ​in fun quizzes, ​Blooket has ​something for everyone. ​In this ​comprehensive guide, we ​will walk ​you through the ​step-by-step process ​of signing up ​and logging ​into Blooket, so ​you can ​dive into the ​world of ​interactive learning.

I. ​What is ​Blooket?

Blooket is ​an online ​educational tool that ​combines learning ​and gaming, designed ​to make ​studying fun and ​interactive. With ​Blooket, teachers can ​create custom ​learning games, such ​as quizzes, ​flashcards, and tournaments, ​to reinforce ​educational content. Students, ​on the ​other hand, get ​to participate ​in these games, ​compete with ​their peers, and ​challenge themselves ​to achieve better ​scores.

II. ​The Benefits of ​Blooket

Before ​we delve into ​the sign-up ​and login process, ​let’s explore ​the advantages of ​using Blooket ​in the classroom:

​Engagement: Blooket’s ​gamified approach increases ​student engagement ​and motivation, making ​learning enjoyable ​and rewarding.

Customization: ​Teachers can ​tailor games to ​align with ​specific learning objectives, ​ensuring content ​relevance and effectiveness.

​Assessments: Blooket ​enables teachers to ​assess students’ ​knowledge in real-time, ​providing valuable ​insights into their ​understanding of ​the material.

Collaboration: ​Blooket fosters ​collaborative learning as ​students can ​participate in group ​activities and ​work together to ​achieve common ​goals.

Data Tracking: ​The platform ​offers data tracking ​and analytics, ​allowing teachers to ​monitor student ​progress and adapt ​their teaching ​strategies accordingly.

III. ​How to ​Sign Up for ​Blooket

Follow ​these simple steps ​to create ​your Blooket account:

​Step 1: ​Access the Blooket ​Website

Open ​your preferred web ​browser and ​navigate to the ​official Blooket ​website at

​Step 2: ​Click on “Sign ​Up”

On ​the Blooket homepage, ​locate and ​click on the ​”Sign Up” ​button. This will ​take you ​to the registration ​page.

Step ​3: Choose Your ​Role

Select ​your role – ​”Teacher” or ​”Student” – depending ​on your ​purpose for using ​Blooket. Teachers ​can create and ​manage games, ​while students can ​join and ​play the games.

​Step 4: ​Fill in the ​Required Information

​If you’re a ​teacher signing ​up, you’ll need ​to provide ​your name, email ​address, and ​create a password. ​Additionally, you ​may need to ​input your ​school name and ​other relevant ​details.

If you’re ​a student, ​your teacher will ​likely provide ​you with a ​game code ​to join their ​class. Enter ​the code and ​proceed with ​the required information, ​such as ​your name and ​email (if ​requested).

Step 5: ​Verification and ​Confirmation

After submitting ​your information, ​Blooket may require ​verification. Check ​your email inbox ​for a ​verification link and ​click on ​it to confirm ​your account.

​IV. How to ​Log In ​to Blooket

Once ​you have ​created your Blooket ​account, logging ​in is a ​breeze:

Step ​1: Access the ​Blooket Website

​Open your web ​browser and ​go to

​Step 2: ​Click on “Log ​In”

On ​the Blooket homepage, ​find and ​click on the ​”Log In” ​button.

Step 3: ​Enter Your ​Credentials

Provide the ​email address ​and password you ​used during ​registration.

Step 4: ​Logging in ​as a Teacher ​or Student

​If you’re a ​teacher, logging ​in will take ​you to ​your Blooket dashboard, ​where you ​can create and ​manage games, ​access analytics, and ​more.

If ​you’re a student, ​logging in ​will give you ​access to ​your class page, ​where you ​can join games ​created by ​your teacher and ​monitor your ​progress.

V. Exploring ​the Blooket ​Dashboard

For teachers, ​the Blooket ​dashboard is the ​central hub ​for managing games, ​tracking progress, ​and accessing various ​features:

Creating ​a Game: Click ​on “Create” ​to start making ​a new ​game. Choose from ​various game ​formats, such as ​”Quiz,” “Flashcards,” ​”Jumble,” and “Tower ​Defense.”

Game ​Library: Access your ​library of ​existing games. Edit, ​duplicate, or ​delete games as ​needed.

Analytics: ​View detailed analytics ​to track ​student performance and ​identify areas ​for improvement.

Classes: ​Manage your ​classes, add students, ​and track ​their game progress.

​Reports: Get ​an overview of ​class and ​individual student performance.

​VI. Joining ​Games as a ​Student

For ​students, participating in ​games created ​by their teachers ​is easy:

​Step 1: Log ​In

Log ​in to your ​Blooket account ​using your email ​and password.

​Step 2: Join ​a Class

​If you haven’t ​already joined ​your class, click ​on “Join ​Class” and enter ​the game ​code provided by ​your teacher.

​Step 3: Access ​Games

Once ​you are part ​of the ​class, you will ​see a ​list of available ​games. Choose ​a game and ​click “Play” ​to begin.


Blooket ​offers a dynamic ​and innovative ​way to make ​learning enjoyable ​and rewarding for ​both teachers ​and students. By ​following this ​comprehensive guide on ​signing up ​and logging in, ​you can ​unlock the full ​potential of ​Blooket’s interactive learning ​platform. Embrace ​the power of ​gamification, create ​engaging content, and ​embark on ​an exciting educational ​journey with ​Blooket today!